Behind the Brand

Mom-umental Gifts for the Mother Figure in Your Life.

You’re cutting it close here, but don’t fear! Belk has the perfect presents to ensure your name hits the top of mom’s list of favorite people.

Whether it’s items to craft an unforgettable experience, or the purse you’ve been hearing about for months, we’ve got it all. Check out the below list and get ready to Share the Love this Mother’s Day.

• Set up an in-house spa day and give her something beautiful.
• Pick up the slack, tackle tours and gift her with time to relax and lounge around. 
• Help mom wine down by toasting to her excellence. 
• Mix things up in the kitchen and cook dinner or bake her favorite treat.
• Your gift will be in the bag with the perfect print (and texture) in designer handbags.
• Celebrate her dazzling brilliance with a necklace, bracelet, pair of earrings, or ring. 
• Sugar, spice and something that smells nice. This Mother’s Day shop her favorite fragrances.
• Put a pep in her step with a new pair of shoes.
• Sweeten the deal with gourmet gifts from Godiva, Blue Crab Bay Co., Alder Creek and more.

Still stumped? Surprise her with a shopping spree featuring a gift card and time to shop so she can find what she wants.