Belk Leadership Team

Mark Mizicko
Chief Planning Officer

Meet Mark!

“Accept fully whatever is coming at you with grace, love and compassion.” Mark Mizicko

A native of Fowler, Ohio, Mark earned his Bachelor of Science in Economics from THE Ohio State University.

Mark and his wife Wendy have five beloved pets - four cats and one dog. In his spare time, Mark enjoys hiking, running, motorcycling and reading.

At Belk:

As our Chief Planning Officer, Mark focuses on company forecasting, inventory management and margin maximization. His team is responsible for getting the right amount of merchandise into the right Belk store at the right time.

Before Belk:

Mark left his role as the Chief Operating Officer at Torrid to lead Belk’s planning team. Remaining under Lisa Harper’s leadership, Mark was drawn to Belk thanks to our large potential with customer loyalty and untapped opportunities to increase our customers’ commitment to our brand.

Five Fast Facts:

1. Best advice I’ve ever received: Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.
2. Favorite city in the world: Paris. Paris, Ohio.
3. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a: Fireman and doctor. I’d have been a great doctor who specialized in putting out people who were enflamed.
4. Three must-have foods on a deserted island:  Pretzel Rods, Cheese Pizza, Tofu.
5. People would be surprised to know: 2 of my cats don’t have tails; 2 do.